Claro Release Cycles

As of autumn 2015, dominKnow has changed the way we label and release our platform feature upgrades and improvements. This change does not apply to breakfix or hotfix cycles, they remain unchanged. Contact your account manager or reseller for more details.

dominKnow currently provides feature updates under two main streams: SaaS and Enterprise.

Our first wave release in any season is provided to our non-enterprise, Software as a Service (SaaS) managed clients. Updates and maintenance to this release are provided within terms of our standard service level agreement SLA.

Enterprise editions (SaaS, Hosted or On-Premise) are provided a season or more behind the non-enterprise SaaS. This methodology offers enterprises a combination of features plus all maintenance updates from the prior seasons SaaS release. Combining seasonal features and maintenance ensures enterprise clients maintain their custom SLA while also providing an increased time frame for their internal training, knowledge sharing and other team or business enablement activities that may be required. 

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