How do I set default feedback for my test and practice questions?

In Claro, there are multiple types of feedback available for questions, and even feedback for individual choices. For Question Feedback, you can add default text to be used across all of your questions. You can even deselect the default and create specific feedback for any question you choose. See our article on Question and Choice Feedback for more information and some helpful examples. 

To add default question feedback:

  1. Once you have create a question, ensure it is select on the Course panel to the left of the workspace.
  2. If a question is select, a red Question tab will appear on the authoring tool ribbon. Select the Question tab.
  3. Select Default under the Course section of the ribbon. The Default Course Question Feedback modal will open.
  4. From here, you may select each feedback type: Correct, Incorrect, Partially Correct, Incorrect Attempt (Practice Questions Only), and Partially Correct Attempt (Practice Questions Only) and enter your feedback text for each.
  5. When complete, select Done.
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