How do I share and unshare a Team with other users?

This tool allows enterprise clients to group users into meaningful Teams making organization, Course/Review assignment and communication easier than ever. You can even share your Teams for other users to access. This can be done at the time of creation by selecting the "Share this Team with others" checkbox or at a later time by following the steps below.

To Share and Unshare a Team:

  1. Select Users from the Application Menu.
  2. Select Manage under the Teams section.
  3. Select the Team you want to Share. 
    Note: You can filter your search by selecting the options on the left panel: All Teams, My Teams, Organization Teams, or Shared Teams and/or enter your Team name into the Search field.
    Note: Organization Teams are shared by default, you cannot Unshare an Organization Team, and only Admins can edit this Team type.
  4. Once you've selected your Team, select the Actions button on the right panel. A sublist will appear.
  5. Select Share, or Unshare if you wish to unshare the Team.
    Note: Only Administrators or the Team creator may change the Share status of a Team.
  6. Select Close.

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