How do I email Team members from the Team Manager?

This tool allows enterprise clients to group users into meaningful Teams making organization, Course/Review assignment and communication easier than ever. Create a Team that includes those you work with most often and you can send email to the entire group directly from the Team Manager.

To email a Team:

  1. Select Users from the Application Menu.
  2. Select Manage under the Teams section.
  3. Select the Team you want to email.
    Note: You can filter your search by selecting the options on the left panel: All Teams, My Teams, Organization Teams, or Shared Teams and/or enter your Team name into the Search field.
  4. Once you've selected your Team, select the Actions button on the right panel. A sublist will appear.
  5. Select Email. An email pop-up will open.
  6. Enter a Subject line and your message and select Send.
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