How do I create a Team?

This tool allows enterprise clients to group users into meaningful Teams. Having a large number of users broken up into smaller teams (for example: courseware developers, subject matter experts, brand and marketing) means you can quickly and easily send an email or assign a course or review to an entire team at once.

To create a Team:

  1. Select Users from the Application Menu.
  2. Under the Teams section, select Create.
  3. Give your Team a meaningful name and description.
  4. If applicable, select the Share (to make your Team available to everyone) and/or Organization (Organization Teams are shared by default and only editable by Admins) options.
  5. You may assign users to your Team now by choosing their names from the list on the left and selecting Assign or you can skip this step and assign users at another time.
  6. Select Save to complete.
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