Why do courses send out SCORM requests when idle?

To prevent an LMS from timing out on a learner and/or to ensure learner progress is not lost, Claro courses continually send SCORM "commit" commands to the LMS, even while idle. Claro is set to update the LMS every 5 seconds (5000 Milliseconds). This interval can be changed or stopped altogether by editing the Forced Commit Interval in the Publishing Profile. If your course is already published, you will need to re-publish it using the new or edited publishing profile.

To stop sending these requests or to manually change to another interval: 

  1. From the Application menu, select Publish.
  2. Select Manage Publishing Profiles.
  3. Select the profile you want to edit, then select Edit.
  4. Select the Behavior tab.
  5. Under SCORM Settings you will see a field labelled Forced Commit Interval. Change the value to the desired interval, or set to 0 to stop the timer.
  6. Select Update to save your changes.
  7. Re-publish the course using the updated publishing profile.
Note: If you stop the idle commit (by entering 0) this will only stop the interval timer, users progress will still be sent to the LMS as they progress through the course. 
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