How do I create a custom template page?

To create a template page:

  1. Open, or create, the template library where you want to place your new template page.
  2. Add a new page to the library either by selecting the Page button from the Home tab, or by copying a page from an existing course. You can even use another template page by selecting Template from the Home tab. You will notice that your page icon has a red No symbol, this means it is unpublished.
    Note: Templates can only be created from content pages—Practice and Question pages may not be used to create templates.
  3. Build your page as you normally would, ensuring you give each element a meaningful Title.
  4. Decide which elements you want to remain static, and which you want to be changeable. To make an element changeable, select it, then go to the Template tab and select Changeable.
    Note: Certain elements are not changeable at this time, these include: shapes created with the Claro Draw tool, Widgets, Embedded Video and Charts. Also, in order to maintain the function of any media events, a video may only be changed for another video file, and audio may only be changed for another audio file.
  5. Once you're satisfied with your template page you can publish it—select Publish from the Template tab.
  6. Give your template a meaningful Title and Description and assign it to a Category, then select Publish. Your template page icon should now have a globe in place of the red No symbol.

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