How do I add labels to an image?

You can attach any number of text labels directly to images. The labels will then maintain a relationship to the image when publishing to a document, or for translation.

  1. Select the image for which you want to add labels.
  2. Select Labels from the Image Tools tab.
  3. Select the Add Label icon from the Image Labels modal. A new label will appear over the image.
  4. Enter text in new label. Use the options provided from the Font, Paragraph and Tools section of the Home tab to format your text.
  5. From the Image Labels modal, you can set the label Background Color and Transparency, Border Color, Width, add Rounded Corners, and label Rotation and you can use the the Layer buttons to move a label to the top or bottom of the label layers.

    Note: Only rotations of 90 or 270 degrees will be respected in the published document of a course.

  6. You can use the Delete icon to delete a label.
  7. Reposition the labels on the image as you see fit by clicking and dragging—you can also drag the Image Labels modal off-stage if it is in your way.
  8. When you're complete, select Done.
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