Why do Claro courses not play on my Desktop?

Web Export vs Desktop Export

To play a course on your desktop you will need to publish the course as a "Desktop" version.  Due to security restrictions in many browsers, the HTML pages within Claro will not execute or play all aspects properly (especially media elements). The Web version of Claro courses is only to be used on a web server (internet or intranet).

I've downloaded the Desktop courses but it doesn't play audio

If you download the desktop version of a Claro course, unzip the contents and it plays, but audio and video and related events are not triggered you may need to make some adjustments to Chrome.  The Claro Desktop course uses a version of Chrome and previous installs of Chrome may be causing this problem.

  1. Launch Chrome and select the Menu option (near the right corner)
  2. Select Settings and then Advanced Settings
  3. Under Privacy select Content Setting and then select Manage Exceptions
  4. Scroll down to Plug-ins then Disable Individual Plugins
  5. Select Adobe Flash Player and disable it

Now exit Chrome and launch the Claro course.

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