How do I add a reference item in Claro?

Claro offers a full reference/citation system. The three main components that make up this system are:

Reference: Provides learners with details about the source of your information—things like the title of a work, name of the authors and/or publishers, date of publication, etc.
Citation: Citations are the link between text on your page and the Reference. Learners use these to view the reference information. Claro uses a number-alphabet citation system. When you assign a citation to a portion of text on a page, the citation is represented by a number that is linked to a chosen reference from the Reference Manager. Multiple citations of the same reference are represented alphabetically (1a, 1b, 1c). When a learner uses their mouse to hovers over or click the number, the reference information is displayed. Note that removing a citation from your course content merely removes the clickable link to the reference, the reference itself remains in the Reference Manager.
Bibliography: Provides learners with a complete list of all the references you cited in your course.

To add a reference in Claro:


  1. From the Application Menu select Current Course.
  2. Select References.
  3. Click on Add Reference.
  4. From the Reference Information panel, choose your reference format from the Formats pulldown menu, and enter the reference information in the provided fields.
    Note: Blue fields indicate mandatory information. 
  5. Select Submit.


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