How do I lock a course from editing?

You can prevent a course and its associated content, learning objects and assets, from being edited by changing its status to Locked/Read Only.

To Lock a course:

  1. From the SplashBoard or Application Menu, select Browse Courses.
  2. Choose the course.
  3. Select the Actions button.
  4. Select Edit.
  5. From the status dropdown, select Locked/Read Only.
  6. Click the Update button.

Note: All learning objects within the course must be checked-in in order for you to Lock the course.

If the course is open for editing, here's a quicker way to lock the course:

  1. First, ensure all Learning Objects are checked in.
  2. Double-click on the course name in the Course panel to open the Course Properties.
  3. In the Course Status dropdown select Locked/Read Only.

There are several rules that are important to understand when locking a course.

The rules:

  • only administrators can lock/unlock any course
  • authors can lock unlocked courses that they are assigned to
  • only the author (or an admin) that locked a course can unlock it
  • locking a course prevents its assets from being edited
  • locking a course prevents its Learning Objects from being edited
  • Learning Objects always respect the lock on their parent course (See Identifying a Parent course for more information)
    e.g., I reuse Learning Object A from course 1 in course 2. When course 1 is locked, Learning Object A cannot be edited regardless of the lock status of course 2.
  • locking a course prevents any changes to the course, its modules, or structure
  • Locked courses cannot be edited by anyone—not administrators, and not the person who locked it. A course must be unlocked in order to make changes.
  • All Learning Objects in a course must be checked-in before a course can be locked.

    Note: Reference and Glossary items are not specifically associated with individual courses and are NOT locked when a course is locked.

To learn more about unlocking a course for editing access: How do I unlock a course for editing?

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