LMS playing content in IE6, IE7 or IE8 (Internet Explorer) non standard mode

Some LMS systems will force your content browser into a non standard mode or an older version of the browser. This is most common with IE browsers where some LMS systems will force all content to be launched in IE7 mode or a "compatibility mode."  This can result in problems with functions that are supported by the learners IE9 browser not working properly.  It can also cause media (audio and video) to not have proper play back or not even work in some cases.


To overcome this restriction, you can edit the publishing profile, choose the behaviors tab and turn on the option to launch the course content in a new window. Now republish your course and the problem will be resolved. This option enables Claro to control the format and setting of the course window and override the settings the LMS was forcing it to launch in.

Here are the steps to modify the publish profile:


  1. Open the course you wish to export
  2. Go to the Application Menu (blue button on the top left) > Publish > LMS (Standards)
  3. Next to the Profiles drop down click on the "..." button
  4. Select a profile on the left
  5. Click the Edit button
  6. Go to the Behavior tab
  7. Ensure that "Launch Course in New Window" is checked
  8. Click the update button


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