How do I add documents and websites as Resources in my course?

Claro's Resources feature allows you to upload documents or add links to websites and list those under the Resources button. You might, for example, include:

  • A PDF copy of a policy document as a Resource in a course on the policy.
  • A product manual in a course about the product.
  • A personal journal document that the learner downloads and completes tasks in to later share with a manager or colleague.
  • Spreadsheet files with data that is used in examples within the course.
  • Links to websites with further information on the topics in your course.

Adding these as Resources means your learners can always go to the Resources feature to access these at any time during the course.

Files uploaded as Resources are stored in the Media Library, and (like any other media files in the library) are re-usable across multiple courses. Uploading one copy of a document and using it across multiple courses means you only need to update the document once in the Media Library and the updated document gets replaced in all courses sharing that document.

Note: Learners using Internet Explorer or Safari to download a Resource will notice that the file uses a unique reference number as a filename in place of the common name seen in Claro. This is expected behavior for these browsers.

To add a Resource to a Claro course:


  1. Select the Application Menu.
  2. Select Current Course.
  3. Select Resources.
  4. Upload a new resource or choose one from the Media Library.

    Note: Any URL links used in your course are automatically added to the Course Resource Library.


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