Short Answer Questions

In Claro, there are two categories for Questions: Practice Questions and Test Questions.
Practice Questions can be used at key points throughout your course to help your learners gauge their understanding of newly learned content. Since these questions are for practice purposes only, they are not graded and may be set to accept multiple attempts.
Test Questions are presented at the end of a course module and are intended to measure the learner's understanding of the learning material. Unlike Practice Questions, Test Questions must be attached to the Learning Objects containing the related content pages—they cannot be placed in an empty Learning Object. Also, since Test Questions are scored, only one question attempt is permitted per test.

To insert a Short Answer question:

  1. From the Course Panel select the Learning Object where you want to place your question.
  2. From the Home tab select the downward arrow of the Question button (for Test Questions) or of the Practice button (for Practice Questions).
  3. Choose a Short Answer question layout.
  4. Short Answer Questions differ from other questions in that they do not open to the Question Properties right fly-out. Instead, the question opens on the Stage. From here you can enter and format the Opening and Body.
    Note: Body text is the text that SCORM 2004 communicates to the LMS as the "question text".
  5. Select the Question tab from the ribbon toolbar.
  6. Select Details and the Question Properties right fly-out will open. From here you can give your question a Page Title, Description, and Tags.
    Note: The Short Answer question does not have weighting or a score applied. The administrator can run a report in the LMS to view answers. 
  7. Select the Feedback button at the bottom left of the fly-out panel to customize the feedback for this question.
  8. After you've entered custom feedback select Done on the Feedback panel.
  9. Select Save to save the settings.

Note: If you are publishing this question to SCORM, note that the learner can only enter a maximum of 255 characters in SCORM 1.2 and 4000 characters in SCORM 2004.


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