Known Issues of Unsupported Functionality (Incompatibilities on mobile device and browser) (mobile, ie6,ie7,ie8,ie9)

The following table lists known issues of unsupported functionality or incompatibilities in Claro with Internet Explorer (older versions) and mobile devices.


Chart display as SWF Mobile devices that do not support Flash. Browsers that do not support Flash. Chart displays as a PNG image.
Design Borders and Effects on images
May not display on older devices OS. Internet Explorer 6 Design borders and effects do not display on image.
Reflection effect and transparency is not ideal May not display on older devices OS. Internet Explorer 8 and lower Transparency gets applied to reflected images in IE8 as well as possible. The actual reflection ends up visually looking like a negative due to the way IE8 applies its filters.
Transparency applied to shapes May not display on older devices OS. Internet Explorer 8 and lower Shape displays with no transparency.
Transparency applied to images and other items May not display on older devices OS. Internet Explorer 7 and lower Images and other items do not display the transparency effects
Rounded corners May not display on older devices OS. Internet Explorer 8 and lower Rounded corner objects are displayed without the rounded corners, e.g., the "Take Test" button at the end of the course.
Embedded Web Objects IPad and IPhone iOS Web objects bleed out of the container size for modal windows and embed web pages. See Why does my embedded web object (From URL) not work correctly on an iPad? My inserted web page overflows off the screen for more details.
SVG images inserted from the Media Library   Internet Explorer 8 and lower

All Documents
These files are not supported for Internet Explorer 8 or lower.

Additionally, it should be noted that these file types do not always export as expected to a Word document. If you must include an image in your document output, it is recommended that you use PNG or JPG.




Close course

iOS 8 mobile devices

  The course Close/Exit button is non-functional.

This is a known issue that Apple is working to correct.
Page transitions

Blackberry smartphones. Version 6 and lower only support "fade," "slide" and "pop" transitions.

Internet Explorer 6-9 Transition effects are ignored and page advances with no transition effect.
On browsers that support "fade," "slide", and "pop" but not "flip", "flip" behaves exactly like "slide".
Player controls that are disabled are greyed out

May not display on older devices OS

Internet Explorer 6-8 On these browsers the function will be disabled but the button will not be greyed out.
Reviewer Notes feedback scrolling Androids using the native browser.  

You will not be able to scroll the Reviewer Notes feedback.

Safari Mobile crashing / disappearing / closing after course launch or after a few page advances iPad 1 (Original iPad all iOS versions 3/4/5)   Safari on the original iPad will intermittently crash with certain types of course content when the courses are launched through SCORM Engine (ie SCORM Cloud) based LMS/Delivery systems.

This issue is caused by the limited amount of memory (RAM) included in the original iPad.

The limited amount of RAM is the reason Apple was not able to update the original iPad to iOS 6 and thus ended the life of the iPad 1.
Search (course player)   Internet Explorer 6-8 

In course preview the user will be prompted that their browser isn't supported.

 In published courses the only way a learner can access Search is if the author included a Course Search action on a page. If the learner triggers the action, nothing will happen.

Variables: Dynamic text generated from variables in Current Page Preview and Document Output All All Conditions that rely on variables found on other course pages will not function in a single page preview of that course page. If you wish to see these, you must perform a full course preview.

Dynamic text generated from the use of variables cannot appear in a print version of a course. Instead of seeing "Welcome Joan Smith!" in print we would see "Welcome {{}}!" for example



Multiple audio files playing on the same page in a mobile device

This is only supported on iOS 6.1.3



Unless a device supports multiple audio files playing then playback will stop the playing sound and start the new sound.

As of iOS 6.1.3 (March 2013) Mobile Safari now plays multiple audio on the same page.

Flash SWF and FLV videos Not supported on iOS / Android.  Limited support on WebOS / BlackBerry 10 / Playbook. All. Browsers require the Flash plugin to play this video. Video does not play. Convert video to MP4 instead and do not use SWF.
Media playback Androids enabling the Flash player can cause problems. Disable the Flash player on the device for the best experience.   Video will fallback to a Flash player on desktop browsers when the browser doesn't support HTML5 Video.
Timed/synched events and inline Video playback Smartphone devices (such as Blackberry 5 and iOS (iPhone only)) that do not allow video to play inline (video opens in the device's full screen media player instead) will not see the onscreen changes.   Timed/synced onscreen events will not be seen since the media plays in a separate player. Video also will not display inline with the page.
Autoplay audio on first page, the autoplay animate action, or jump (from Menu or page link) to a page with audio set to autoplay. Autoplay can't play audio without the user generated touch event on mobile devices.   Audio/video CAN autoplay on a page that is displayed via the previous/next button in the navigation skin or via Player Controls action page advance (not page link), as Claro is able to hook into that action and autoplay media.  Autoplay will not automatically work on the first page of a course or on any page the user 'jumps' to via the course menu or page links. Instead the user will be prompted to "Touch anywhere to start your page." The audio or video file MUST be set to autoplay (media properties) to work. Do not use page level actions to set media autoplay for these cases.
Media syncing on embedded video If you embed video from an external streaming site you will not be able to time the media to onscreen events.   You cannot sync events to these types of video. The video must be uploaded to Claro in order to apply media syncing.
Mute Volume is always under the physical control of the user for all iOS mobile devices.   Selecting Mute from these devices will have no effect on volume.
Keyboard tabbing into streaming and embed videos   All When using NVDA screen reader and keyboard-only navigation, tabbing into a streaming or embed video results in closing of the browser.


Note: There are also slight differences between the way some browsers and operating systems display fonts and render shapes. See this Knowledge Base article: PC and Mac operating system (OS) and browser differences related to font display and shape rendering.

Note: In Mobile devices not all Fonts/Typefaces are included in default installs. See this Knowledge Base Article Fonts on a Mobile Device.

Note: Authoring in Claro with the Developer Console open in Internet Explorer can result in display and element alignment issues. We recommend you keep the Developer Console closed while authoring if this is an issue for you.

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