Media playback (play, pause, toggle, replay) element interactions on button action triggers

You can add actions to your buttons or other elements to control media such as audio or video. You can play, pause, and toggle media playback. You can also replay the media from the beginning.

When you Play Media, you can Add a start time and/or Add an end time to media playback so the learner jumps directly to a specific part of the media and plays only that section.

To add an action to play media:

  1. Select a button or other element on the stage or in the Layers panel.
  2. Click the Interaction tab and click Actions on the toolbar.
  3. Click Play Media.
  4. The Element Interactions properties panel opens.
  5. Drag the media element (audio or video) you want to play to the Targets list.
  6. Select the Trigger (When clicked, When double clicked, When right clicked, When mouse rolls over, When mouse rolls off, When trigger element shows, When trigger element hides).
  7. Enter a Time after which the media should start playing, if desired.
  8. Click Add a start time if you want to enter a start time within the media (for example, to start playing at 30 seconds instead of starting at the beginning of the media).
  9. Click Add a end time if you want to enter a end time within the media (for example, to stop playing at 45 seconds instead of stopping at the end of the media).
  10. Input any Conditions you wish to evaluate.
    Note: For examples of operators you can use in the Conditions field, see: JavaScript Operators by
  11. Click Apply.
  12. Preview your action to check it from the Element Interactions panel before you click Done.

NOTE: You must upload media to Claro in order to control media playback using an action. You cannot embed media from an external streaming site and control playback.

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