Page, Jump, and Endscreen Transitions for a course (and Default Effect)

You can select transition effects to occur when a page is loaded. These transitions apply across the whole course.

A Transition Between Pages displays when the page is loaded. A Jump Transition displays after a Link to Page action is used. An Endscreen Transition is seen at the end of a module, test, and course as the endscreen is loaded.

To apply a transition:

  1. Click the Animate tab.
  2. Click a button in the Transition Between Pages area to choose a Fade, Slide, Slide and Fade, Flip, or Pop transition (None is the default).
  3. Select an effect from the drop-down list in the Course section to choose a Jump Transition and/or Endscreen Transition as well.
Note: In the Course section on the Animate tab, you can also select the Default Effect for actions created in the course.

Note: Certain networks have experienced issues with the Slide effect when used with rich media. If you are consistently experiencing issues when using Slide in conjunction with rich media, you may want to select an alternate effect such as Fade.
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