Setting up a PowerPoint file for import into Claro for smartphone delivery

You can use PowerPoint to set up your course content and then import it into Claro for smartphone delivery.

There are a few things to consider when formatting the PowerPoint file:


    • Size your PPT file at 3.2 inches wide x 4.8 inches high. The height can be longer as Claro adds scroll bars if there is more content to display. To size a PowerPoint file:
      • In PowerPoint, select Preferences> View> Ruler Units: inches.
      • File> Page Set-up: change dimensions to 3.2 x 4.8.
    • Save the file as a PPT:
      • If your file is a PowerPoint 2010+ file (PPTX extension), choose Save As and choose the PPT extension.

See PowerPoint Import Tips for more information.

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