Display Completion Certificate upon finishing course and test

When the "Display Completion Certificate" option is selected when publishing a course, the learner is presented with a printable completion certificate upon successful completion of the course (i.e. completing all learning content and, if applicable, passing the assessments). The certificate is accessed from a button on the course end screen.

To display a completion certificate:


  1. Publish your course.
  2. In the Content Options area, check the "Display Completion Certificate" option.
  3. Complete the published course.
  4. On the course end screen, click the button to view the completion certificate.
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    Erin Steller

    What information is shown on the Completion Certificate? Can we customize using xAPI?

  • Avatar
    Paul Schneider

    Name, date, score, course name. The completion certificate is part of the theme, so a customized theme would be needed to modify this (or coming soon - you can modify it within the authoring interface with our Flow release this Fall). In terms of xAPI we would need more details, but generally speaking any information that you could retrieve and display on a normal page in Claro (through variables or otherwise) you could display on a certificate.

  • Avatar
    Erin Steller

    Great, thank you!