How do I use the color picker to color a shape or text?

There is a standard color picker that opens whenever a color selection is required.

You can choose from recent colors, theme colors, and standard colors as well as pick custom colors. More… opens a color wheel and swatch field to pick from as well as a field into which you can enter a Hexadecimal (Hex/RGB) color number or an HTML color name.

The Recent Colors are available for any color choices for an individual Claro user (across sessions and courses). Your most recent 20 colors will be saved.

To use the color picker:

  1. Select text or a shape.
  2. Click color to open the Color Picker (With text selected, click the Color drop-down on the right-side of the Font section on the Home tab. With a shape selected, clcik the Line Color or Fill Color button in the Shape Settings tab.)
  3. Click a swatch to apply the color to your text or a shape or click More….
  4. In the expanded color picker, slide the selection tool around the color wheel to choose a color/hue. Then, click in the selection field to choose the color value. The color’s hexadecimal number appears in the field below. You can also enter a hex # in this field or a valid HTML color name (see Color Names for more information). The Color Picker highlights the color field in red if you enter an invalid color name.
  5. Click the Add button to add the color to your Recent Color swatches and apply the color to your element.

NOTE: You can also change the color of any Recent Color swatch. Select a swatch and open the color picker (click “More”). Select a color from the color wheel and selection field. Click “Update” to change the Recent Color swatch and apply the color to your element.


For suggestions on tools to determine existing colors, see How do I find out what hex color is used?

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