What are the Audio Settings I can use in the audio context-specific tab to control or change an audio clip?

You can use a variety of Audio Settings to control or change an audio clip.

To use the Audio Settings, click an audio clip to select it on the stage. Click the Audio Settings tab that appears to the right of the other tabs.

The Audio Settings available include the following:

  • Change an audio clip. The Media Library opens so that you can select another clip to Replace the current one.
  • Autoplay the audio playback. Click Autoplay again to remove it.
  • Hide Controls so that player controls are not visible to the user. Click Hide Controls again to show the player controls.
  • Loop Playback to play the audio clip over again when it’s done. Click Loop Playback again if you want the audio clip to play only once without looping.
  • Click Basic Controls for a simple small speaker icon. Click *Full Controls" for the full player audio player controls.
  • Click the Properties Details button to open the right panel. This shows more information about the audio element details.
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