What are the image borders and effects I can add using the Design tab? (Thin, Thick, Picture, Bevel, Shadow, Mirror, Rounded)

You can quickly add a variety of borders and effects to an image using the buttons on the Design tab. These features are applied using CSS, so they load quickly.

Each button acts as a toggle where a border or effect can be turned on or off. Selecting a different border or effect removes any previous selection.

To add an image border or effect:

  • Click the image to select it on the stage or in the Layers panel.
  • Click the Design tab.
  • In the Borders area, select a Thin, Thick, Picture, or Bevel border. In the Effects area, select a Shadow, Mirror, Rounded Corner, or Ellipse effect. In the Rounded area, select a Shadow or Mirror effect to add BOTH rounded corners and another effect
  • Select a border or effect button again to remove it from the image.
NOTE: All of the borders and effects work across all popular browsers but ARE NOT supported in Internet Explorer 6. In Internet Explorer 8, when you apply a rounded mirror or mirror effect you cannot use the Transparency feature on the image afterwards. The Transparency effect will not apply.
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