What are the differences between viewing a course in Claro on a tablet and on a desktop browser?

You can view any Claro course using a tablet, but we recommend setting the course to use the Player Layout with navigation bars along the top for ideal results.

On a tablet, users expect to see navigation along the top. In addition, if your content is longer than the screen area, the content is scrollable (there is no bottom bar).

If you expect to have users viewing a course on the desktop and on a tablet, choose the Player Layout with navigation bars along the top.

You can also copy a course in order to make a shared version for both Player Layouts (see Copy a course).

Claro auto-detects device issues and delivers the best solutions for media and display depending on the device used.

For a mobile device:

  • HTML5 is used for the media player
  • Video format is MP4
  • Audio format is MP3
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