How do I copy (Share / Duplicate) a Learning Object from another course?

You can Duplicate or Share a Learning Object from another course into your current course.


This operation will make a new copy of the original Learning Object and insert it at the bottom of the module you are currently authoring. Changes made to a duplicate Learning Object are not reflected in the original.

Note: media assets, resources, references and glossaries ARE shared, so changes will be reflected in both courses.

Note: Duplicated pages will not retain any Course Styles that may have been applied to the original page.


This operation includes the selected Learning Object at the bottom of the module you are currently authoring. This inserted Learning Object is the same Learning Object being used in the original course—it is now being shared by both courses. Changes to the Learning Object (for example: changes to content on a page, or the creation/deletion of pages) will be seen immediately in all courses that share that particular Learning Object."

To copy a learning object from another course:


  1. Select Copy From Another Course under Copy on the Home tab.
  2. Select the course from which you'd like to copy. Use the Search box if required.
  3. The course menu appears and a scaled page preview displays.
  4. Select the Learning Object you want to copy. You can also search for words in the Learning Object and page titles to help you find what you want.
  5. Select Copy Learning Object.
  6. Select Share (to re-use the Learning Object) or Duplicate (to create a new instance of the Learning Object).
  7. The Learning Object is placed at the bottom of the module you are currently authoring.
Learning Objects that are shared (through Share a course or Share a Learning Object) have a double or mirrored icon.
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