How can I tell if a Learning Object is shared with another course?

Claro allows you to re-use Learning Objects (LOs); a feature that allow you to create new courses that share content. Copy a course and Insert a Learning Object from another course both use this feature.

Any change you make to a shared Learning Object in one course is reflected in Learning Objects you have re-used in other courses through Share Course or Share Learning Object from another course.

This includes the following features:

  • When you check a Learning Object in or out in one course, it’s checked in or out in the other.
  • When you add, move, or remove a page in one Learning Object, the page is added, moved, or removed in the other.
  • When you edit a page in one Learning Object, the edits are reflected in the other.

Learning Objects that are re-used or shared (through Share Course or Share Learning Object) have a double or mirrored icon:



To identify which courses are sharing a given LO:

  1. Double-click the LO to open the Learning Object Properties right fly-out.
  2. Click on "Currently used in" under Sharing / Re-use on the Details tab. A list of each course using that LO will now appear at the bottom of the Details tab along with the names of the modules using the LO and the authors of the courses.





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