How do I publish or export to SCORM Cloud?

SCORM Cloud from Rustici Software is a hosted player that allows you to connect learners to learning anywhere on the web.

What can you do with SCORM Cloud? You can:

  • Invite learners to experience your content.
  • Host content in SCORM Cloud and deliver it to an LMS (or many).
  • Control who can access your courses.
  • Update content in Cloud, and it updates everywhere that you’ve sent it.
  • Get unparalleled reporting on your content usage.
  • Integrate with many popular LMSs, Google Apps, and WordPress. Or create your own custom integration.

New to SCORM Cloud?

Click here to set up your free SCORM Cloud account

Set-up PENS from SCORM Cloud

You’ll need to input a username, password, and PENS URL into Claro. Get this from your SCORM Cloud account. Click here to find out how to get your PENS for SCORM Cloud user information

Enter your PENS for SCORM Cloud user information in Claro

To enter your PENS information:

  1. From the Application Menu, click Publish or click the Publish QuickLinks button.
  2. Click SCORM Cloud.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Enter the name, SCORM Cloud Application Identifier, and SCORM Cloud PENS Key from your SCORM Cloud Account.
  5. Click the Default checkbox to make this your default target
  6. Click the Publish button.
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