Can I copy and paste text from Word into Claro? Why do I get asked if I want to clean text before pasting?

Copying and pasting text from a Microsoft Word document into a Claro page is a fast way to quickly bring in existing text. However, there can be formatting issues that cause problems. This is a common issue when moving text from Word to HTML. There is outdated formatting code that is copied along with the text that is different from HTML formatting code supported in the newer browsers today.

Clean text copied from Word

We recommend you take advantage of the offer to “clean” the formatting codes out of the text before pasting into Claro.

Copy your text from Word (Ctrl-C or Command-C). Click a text element or placeholder and paste the text (Ctrl-V or Command-V). The offer to clean dialog box opens.

Click the OK button to clean out the formatting code that may be problematic in your online course. This includes fonts, styles, weights, spacing, etc. Your cleaned text will now match the theme design (including CSS styles) selected for the course.

For more information and screenshot examples, see the document Copying and Pasting Text from Microsoft Word documents.

NOTE:  Text pasted from other applications may also prompt the offer to clean the formatting. We recommend you always click OK to clean the formatting.

Do your font and style formatting in Claro to ensure your course pages look their best!

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