How do I add reviewer notes to a course?

When a course is in Review Mode, a reviewer can report bugs, updates, or change requests while reviewing the course. If there are multiple reviewers, new/incomplete Reviewer Notes left by others can be seen so that problems need not be reported more than once (resolved reviewer notes are not displayed).

These Reviewer Notes are then available for course authors to view, fix, track, and close.



To add reviewer notes to a course as a reviewer:

  1. Sign-in as a reviewer to a course that is in Review Mode. Select the course from the course list and click the Review button.
  2. When the course player opens you will see an orange toolbar titled Review Tools. This toolbar can be moved wherever you want on the stage by simply clicking and dragging.
  3. To leave a general comment for the page, select the Page icon from the toolbar. Input your comments and click Submit
    Note: If your comment is in response to another reviewer's comment, click Reply below that comment then input your response and click Submit.
  4. To leave a comment for a specific element, select the Element icon from the toolbar then select the element. Input your comment and click Submit. If your comment is in response to another reviewers comment, follow the steps noted above.
  5. If the page you're reviewing is a test question, select the Question icon from the toolbar to view details such as Assessment Status, Current Questions settings, the correct Choice (answer key) and Feedback.
  6. When you've finished your review, select End Review to notify other team members.

To add reviewer notes to a course while authoring:

Course authors can input reviewer notes for a course at anytime by opening the course in Full Course Preview (from the View tab).

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