How can I check out a Learning Object checked out (locked) by another user?

When a Learning Object (LO) is checked out by another user, the icon will be green and display a padlock, you will also see a user icon to the right of the Object. Roll your mouse over the user icon to see who has the Object checked out. You can also click the user's email link to send him or her a quick email regarding the status of their work in the LO, to request access to the LO, to request a change to content within the LO, etc. If the user simply forgot to check in the LO upon completion, you can force a checkout provided that user is no longer logged into Claro. 

To attempt a forced checkout:

  1. Select the Learning Object from the Course panel.
  2. Select the Check Out icon from the Course toolbar.

If the other user has logged out of the system, you will be prompted to either perform a Force Checkout or Cancel.

If the other user is still logged into the system, you will not be able to check out the Learning Object until your teammate has finished.


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