How do I display and change Learning Object properties?

You can display and change the properties for each Learning Object (LO), including the title, keywords, and description. You can also select the “Do not publish learning object” option to control which objects get published with a course. The "Do not publish" option is helpful if you'd like to make part of a course available, but still want to continue adding new content to make available at a later date.

You can also change settings for test questions. You can create a number of test questions for each learning object and then display a random set of them to each learner or display all of them. Display all questions is the default. You can also choose to turn the Questions Off for the object.

For more information, see Test features and changing settings.

You can also view the History and Reviewer Notes for the Learning Object in the Properties panel.

To display and change Learning Object properties:

  1. Double-click a Learning Object.
  2. The Properties open in the Right Panel.
  3. Click the tab you want to see and enter the options you want.
    1. The Details tab displays the LO title, keywords, and description as well as other Metadata. Click the Used link to see other courses the LO in which the LO is shared/re-used.
    2. The Settings tab displays publishing and question settings.
    3. The History tab displays update and check in history. Click an item to see details.
    4. The Notes tab displays reviewer notes added to the LO. Click a note for details.
  4. Click the Update button to save your changes.
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