The Media Browser

NOTE: This article contains changes as per the February 2013 release.

The Media Browser is a handy tool for quickly searching, uploading, and inserting a media file from the Media Library. See The Media Library for more information.

To see a YouTube tutorial video, play Claro Media Browser and Library QuickView:



NOTE: You can only upload one file at a time using the Media Browser. To upload a number of files at the same time, use the Media Library.

The Media Browser opens when you click a media placeholder or click a media button from the Insert tab.

You can also open the Media Browser from the View tab in the Tools section.

Filtering and searching in the Media Browser:

  • Click a media type along the top to filter by the type of media desired.
  • In the Search tab, enter a term or terms in the search field. Use the Constrain filter checkboxes to search only in Uploaded, Emailed, or Screenshots categories.
  • Press the Enter or Return key on your keyboard or click the magnifying glass icon on the search field.
  • All media matching your terms appear below in the Search Results area. Click a thumbnail to see Details.

To insert media to your course page:

  1. Click the media thumbnail in the Search Results area.
  2. Click the Insert button.

NOTE: You can also drag and drop a media element from the Media Browser onto your page. If you have Smart Guides on, you can place the element precisely as you drop it. See Smart Guides for more information.

To upload media using the Media Browser:

  1. Click the Upload button.
  2. The File Upload window opens. Find the media you want to upload. You can Shift-click to select multiple files in a sequence or Control-click (Command-click for Mac) to select different files.
  3. Click Open to begin the upload.
  4. In the Uploads window, click Properties to give your media a description and tags. These will help you and others when searching for appropriate media within the library. Click Clear when you’re finished, or click the X in the upper-right corner of the Uploads window to close the window.
  5. Your media files are now in the library. Select a media file and click Insert to add it to your page.

NOTE:  We recommend adding a description and tags to your uploaded media as soon as possible using the Media Library. This is useful for searching and identifying media.

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