How do I add a Captivate (Flash SWF) file with Player Controls to a page?

You can add a Captivate file with Player Controls to a page in Claro

You need to export the Captivate file as a swf. Once you upload it into Claro and insert it on your page, set the file to Auto Play.

To export a Captivate files as a swf with Player Controls and import into Claro:

  1. In Captivate, click the Project menu.
  2. Click Skin Editor….
  3. Click the Borders button and un-check “Show Borders”.
  4. When you go to Publish, un-check “Export to HMTL”. You will see a warning that the file may not play properly in a web browser.
  5. In Claro, upload the Captivate swf file using the Media Browser or Media Library. See Add basic content to your page for more information.
  6. Insert it into your page.
  7. Double-click the file to open the context-specific Flash Settings tab and ribbon.
  8. Under the Player Controls section, check “Auto Play”.
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