How do I copy, cut, paste, duplicate, offset paste, edit, or delete elements? How do I paste with actions?

There are a number of useful tools found on the Home tab in the Element and Clipboard sections. Select an element on the stage and then click the tool required.

Many of these functions can be done with keyboard shortcuts as well. Most shortcuts are common to other programs as well. To see all Claro shortcuts, see the article Keyboard Shortcuts or download the printable Claro Shortcut Keys.

Note:  You can also right-click a text fragment to Copy, Cut, or Paste. You can also right-click a bullet or numbered list to format the list differently or set the start number.

  • Edit functions differently depending on the element you’ve selected. Editing text elements is done right on the stage. Editing most other elements opens the right panel for options.
  • Delete will remove an element from the stage. A warning panel will ensure you confirm this choice.
  • Cut or Copy elements from one place and ...
  • Paste them to another place on the same page or another page. 
  • Paste with Actions to duplicate elements like buttons and linked elements.
  • Duplicate makes a copy of the element on the same page.
  • Offset Paste offsets a pasted or duplicated element 15 pixels from the original. This allows you to more easily locate and re-position the duplicate. The Offset Paste button toggles on and off. When it is off, copy and duplicate pastes the element in the exact same place as the original.
  • Copies allows you to set the number of copies to paste or duplicate up to a maximum of five. Type a number in the Copies box or click the arrows to increase or decrease the number of copies. The elements are pasted in the same position as the original (on the same page or on a new page) unless you click the Offset Paste button.

Copy or move elements to other pages 

  • You can easily copy or cut elements from one page to another. Copy leaves the original in place, while Cut removes it from the original page.
  • Copy and Cut allow you to quickly re-use content elements on other pages within your course (such as recurring design elements and logos).
  • Elements are pasted at the same X Y coordinates as well (unless you click Offset Paste), facilitating fast layout repetition.

Paste with Actions

  • Attributes such as actions or link events on an element may be pasted as well. This speeds authoring if you have a common element such as a button that opens a URL or affects the Player Controls to move forward.
  • Simply create the button and link event on one page and then copy or cut and Paste with Actions to other pages.

Note:  You cannot copy and paste with Actions a self-referencing action (such as an action that opens a panel with a Close button on the panel that hides the panel). Everything but the self-referencing action will be copied and pasted. Then, you can add the hide action back to the pasted Close button.


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