How do I zoom my browser in or out to see better?

Most browsers allow you to easily zoom in or out to see your page better. This may be very useful when working in Claro.

Use your browser’s view menu or the following keyboard shortcuts for zooming:

  • Zoom In: Ctrl + or Command +
  • Zoom Out: Ctrl – or Command -
  • Reset: Ctrl 0 (zero) or Command 0 (zero)

The rulers and scrollbars remain on the Stage so that you can position elements properly.

NOTE: Be aware that when using Zoom in some browsers, some enlargements may cause problems with the display of the Claro ribbon bar tabs and tool bars (or other tools). In these cases, return to 100% or reset to normal zoom.

NOTE:  Zooming your browser will not work well with Flash components in Claro, such as the Narration Recorder.

NOTE: Zooming with your browser may cause visibility problems at times. Reset your browser to see the Claro stage again.

Remember that you can also click the minimize arrow at the top right of the left panel to close it and enlarge the Stage area.

In addition, you can click the upward arrow at the top right of the Ribbon to close the Ribbon Toolbar and enlarge the Stage area.

See also: Zoom Settings on a Browser

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