How do I view and manage Workspace layout tools (element borders, hide targets, smart guides, grids, and guides)?

There are a number of useful Workspace features you can control using the layout tools on the View tab.

Element borders, smart guides, grids, and guides are available to help you line elements up. These are user-specific tools that can be shown or hidden across all pages in your courses. This helps you maintain a consistent placement of elements across pages. You can also hide the mouse event targets on your page to help you design more easily.

  • Click Element Borders to turn on or off a dotted line displayed around each element on the page.
  • Click Hide Targets to hide all mouse event targets, cleaning up the authoring stage if you have highly interactive pages. See Hide Targets for more information.
  • Click Smart Guides to help you place elements in Claro as you drag and drop them from the Media Browser (or add text and hotspots). See Smart Guides for more information.
  • Click Show Grid to turn the grid on or off. You can also turn on Snap to Grid to get elements to snap to the closest grid line.
  • Change the grid spacing if you’d like by entering a new number in the Grid Spacing box or clicking the up or down arrows. Spacing is by pixels.
  • You can show (or hide) guides as well by clicking the Show Guides button. This allows you to place and move your own guides to line up particular elements.
  • Click Snap to Guide to get elements to snap the the closest guide line (within 75 pixels).
  • You can add more guides by clicking the Add Horizontal Guide or Add Vertical Guide button. Click a guide in the Workspace area and then move it when it turns red. To remove a guide, select it and click the Remove Guide button.
  • Use the Lock Guides button to lock your guides so they cannot be moved.

See Alignment Tools for more great layout and alignment features.

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