How do I add a new Learning Object to my course?

Add a new learning object to your course when you want to start a new topic. See What are Learning Objects? for more information.

To add a learning object to your course:

  1. In the Course panel on the left side of the stage, click the module to which you want to add your learning object.
  2. Click the Add Learning Object button in the Course tool bar.
  3. The object will be created as “Untitled Object”. The title field is selected so that you can name it immediately. If you don’t name it right away, double-click the module at any time and the Properties will open in the Right Panel. Enter a title in the field and click the Update button.

Learning Object Properties:

  • The Details tab in the Learning Object Properties panel allows you to add a Description and Keywords to help identify the Learning Object for easier searches.
  • The Settings tab allows you to control whether Reviews and Testing are enabled for the object. You can also choose to show all test questions, turn questions off, or show a random selection of questions for the object. NOTE: All Questions is the default. If you want to set Random Questions for a Learning Object, check this in settings just before you publish (so that your reviewers see all questions as they review the course). You can also choose “Do not publish Learning Object” if you do not want an object to be published when the course is. The History tab displays object check Ins and comments.
  • The Notes tab displays Reviewer Notes associated with the object.
  • Click the Update button after you make changes to save them. Click the Cancel button to leave the object as-is.
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