How do I make a new page from a current page (duplicate or copy a page)?

You can quickly make a new page from an existing page. This is a quick way to replicate recurring features on a page.

To make a new page from a current page (duplicate or copy a page): 

  1. Make sure to select the page you want to make a copy of in the Course Structure. The Learning Object must be checked out, too.
  2. Select the Copy button from the Home tab.
  3. A new page is created with the same name the same as the original. Go ahead and re-name your duplicate page immediately or double-click it at any time to open Page Properties and re-name it.
  4. All elements and actions on the original page are duplicated on the new page. You can now edit the duplicate page.

Note: Duplicated pages will not retain any Course Styles that may have been applied to the original page.

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