How do I add a page to my course? How do I make a new page?

A blank page is automatically added to your course structure when you make a new course.

When you initially add a new page, you can name the page right in the Course Structure. Anytime after that, you can open the Page Properties to change the name, add a description and tags, see the modification history and any reviewer notes. To enter multiple tags, enter a space between each one.

To add a new page:

  1. First, make sure you click the Learning Object you want to add the page to (in the Course Structure of the Course left-panel).
  2. Click the downward arrow of the New Page button on the Home tab (simply clicking the Page button itself makes a new blank page).
  3. Select a blank page or choose from one of the page layouts. These layouts contain placeholders for text and media. Text fields are formatted based on the design theme selected.
  4. The title field is selected in the Course Structure Panel so that you can name the page immediately. If you don’t name it right away, double-click the page at any time and the Page Properties will open in the Right Panel. Enter a title in the field and click the Update button.
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