How do I insert streaming media such as a video (Media Stream) onto my course page?

You can insert a player that streams content from a streaming server onto your course content OR test question page.

Media Stream takes the URL from a streaming server or HTTP server and plays it in Claro’s media player. Only .flv, .mpeg, and .h264 content can be streamed (keep in mind that FLVs won’t play for a learner viewing a course on an iPad).

To insert a media stream:

  1. Click the Media Stream button on the Insert  tab toolbar.
  2. Click the area of the page where you want to position the top left corner of the object (you can move or re-size it later).
  3. The Media Stream Properties right-panel opens.
  4. Enter the media link in the Source field. Only .flv, .mpeg, and .h264 content can be streamed. Start and end times are in seconds and apply only to RTMP streams.
  5. Click the Player Details tab to set Player Controls such as Auto Play, Hide Controls, Loop Playback, and Allow Full-screen.
  6. Click the Preview button to verify the media stream.
  7. Click the Update button to finish.

NOTE: You can set start and end times in order to direct users to a specific part of a longer audio or video clip. These times can only be set for RTMP streams. Media files on standard HTTP servers can be played in their entirety using the Media Stream method but start and end times cannot be applied.

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