How do I create or add test questions and/or practice questions? What's the difference between test and practice questions?

In Claro, there are two categories for Questions: Practice Questions and Test Questions.

Practice Questions can be used at key points throughout your course to help your learners gauge their understanding of newly learned content and receive remediation as needed. You can position them among your regular content pages, or set them apart in a Review Object

Since these questions are for practice purposes only, they are not graded and may be set to accept multiple attempts. 

On the Questions tab of the authoring tool ribbon, you will find several options available specifically for Practice Questions:

  • Disable Next: On by default, this option disables the Next button so the learner must make a selection and click Submit.
  • Disable Previous: On by default, this option disables the Previous button so the learner must make a selection and click Submit.
  • Enable navigation at end: On by default, this option enables the Next and Previous button at the end.
  • Show correct at end: On by default, this option shows the correct selections and provides feedback at the end (after the correct choices are made OR after the number of “Try Agains” is exhausted).
  • Show try again: On by default, this option allows the learner to try the practice exercise again if an incorrect selection is made.
  • Attempts: The default is 1. This option sets the number of try again attempts a learner can make.
Test Questions are presented at the end of a course module and are intended to measure the learner's understanding of the learning material. Unlike Practice Questions, Test Questions must be attached to the Learning Objects containing the related content pages—they cannot be placed in an empty Learning Object unless they are part of an Assessment-Only course.

You can add a bank of questions to any Learning Object. In each Learning Object you can set the properties present all the questions (in order or shuffled) or use Claro’s randomization feature to randomly select the questions to be presented to each learner (see Test features and changing settings for more information.) Keep in mind ALL test questions are presented at the end of the module based on the settings for each learning object. 

 Also, since Test Questions ARE scored, only one question attempt is permitted per test (see How are test questions scored and weighted? for more information). Additional Testing controls can be set at publishing (see our Publishing Profile article for more information).

Both Practice and Test Questions are shown on the stage, and can be edited for layout. You can drag any question element to a new location on the page, resize elements and restyle text as needed, and add various types of media and actions (click here for more information on how Actions differ between Practice and Test Questions.

You can also add various types of Feedback to be presented to your learner upon submission (see the Difference Between Question Feedback and Choice Feedback for more information).

A Submit Placeholder displays on the question page to indicate where the Submit button is placed when the question is generated by the Course Player. This default Submit Placeholder cannot be moved or altered except by custom theme (changes for all questions in the course) or disabling it and creating a custom Submit button (changes for individual question, but may be copied to other questions). To request a quote for a custom theme contact our support team (email for more information.

Below you will find basic instructions for adding a question in Claro. For more in-depth instructions, please see the specific question type: Drag and Drop, Fill in the Blanks, Multiple Choice, Multiple Pulldowns, Short Answer, and True or False.

To add a question:

  1. From the Course Panel select the Learning Object where you want to place your question.
  2. From the Home tab select the downward arrow of the Question button (for Test Questions) or of the Practice button (for Practice Questions).
  3. Select the question type and layout you want to add.
  4. Fill out all of the fields in the Edit Question Properties panel that opens on the right-side of the workspace.
  5. Select Save when you’re done.

See the topic Test Questions for more information and specifics about each question type.




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