How do I set and edit Media Properties (Title, Alt Text, Description, and Tags)?

It’s good practice to add clear and concise Titles, Alt Text, Descriptions, and Tags to all media (images, video, flash, audio, and documents) you add to Claro. This makes it easier for you and your teammates to locate appropriate media quickly. Below is a brief description of the media properties:
  • Titles are used in the Layers panel, and help keep your page structure clear for yourself and others who might edit a page you've made.
  • Descriptive alternative text, commonly called alt text, is also very important when you are making a course accessible to people using screen readers. Alt-text should be succinct. It should explain the purpose and function of the image/element (not just a description). Alt-text should not identify the type of element (e.g., “Image of…”) since most screen readers are set to announce the type of element.
  • Descriptions help other users understand key information about the file. You may use this field to explain copyright information, source information, or simply give a description of the image.
  • Tags are used by the Media Library's search tool. Good tags (keywords or phases) improve the ability of a search to find files. Without tags, only the file's name is part of a Media Library search.

To set Media Properties when uploading:

  1. When your media upload is complete the progress bar should appear solid blue, and the Cancel button below it will change to read Properties. Select the Properties button.
  2. An Edit Asset window will open. Here you can set all the Properties mentioned above.
  3. Select Update to complete.

To set Media Properties for existing media in your course:

  1. After you have inserted a media element onto a page, double click it to select the appropriate tab on the Ribbon.
  2. From there, select Properties to open the media Properties right fly-out. You can then alter the element’s details.
    Note: Changes applied here will only affect this occurrence of the element. If you wish to change the details for the original asset you must do so from the Media Library.
  3. Select Update to complete.

If you insert an image onto a page and then use the Image Editor to modify it, you should also update the Image Properties to better reflect the modified image’s title, description, tags, and alt text.


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