PowerPoint (PPT) import overview

Importing and converting a Microsoft® PowerPoint® file (.ppt file) is a great way to begin an elearning course in Claro. If you have existing content in a PPT file, you can quickly import it into Claro and start adding media, interactivity, and test questions.

The import and conversion process will create a new course from the uploaded PowerPoint file, with all pages in the original file converted into editable pages in Claro.

NOTE: Only PPT (PowerPoint 97-2003 files) are supported. PowerPoint 2007-10 (.pptx) files are not currently supported. Also, some features of PowerPoint such as transitions and animations, WordArt, shadow styles, and 3D shapes are not currently supported. See To convert a PPTX to a PPT for more information.

What happens in the import and conversion process?

  • A new course is created in Claro. The course is named for the PPT file you imported.
  • The course will contain one module, also named for the imported PPT file.
  • All pages are added to a single learning object called Slides in the created course.
  • Each page is named based on the title field on the page in the PowerPoint file.
  • All text fields are re-created as editable text elements on the new pages.
  • All images are added to the respective page in the new course and are also automatically added to the Media Library.
  • Master slides are converted into a single background image that is added as the back layer on the new pages if Import Slide Backgrounds is selected. (see PowerPoint Master Slide and Page Backgrounds)
  • Any chart, diagram, arrow, line, rectangle, oval or auto shape created in the PPT file is converted into a single image element.
  • All Slide Notes from the PPT file are added as Page Notes for the associated page in Claro.
  • Grouped elements are converted into a single element. This is an advantage if you have many different elements that make up an individual image. Grouping them before importing reduces the file size and load time. Make sure you DON’T include text elements in a group or they will also be converted to an image.

See the PowerPoint file import process for information about how to import a PowerPoint presentation.

Tips for setting up your PowerPoint prior to importing

There are some special considerations you may want to consider prior to importing your PowerPoint file.

See PowerPoint import tips for more information.

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