Which mobile operating systems or devices can Claro courses display on?

As of April 2016:

Claro supports the stock browser on all devices with exception for Android 5.0 where we support Chrome over the stock browser.

Minimum supported playback mobile OS:

  • Android 5 or higher with latest Chrome
  • BlackBerry Android
  • iPhone/iPad iOS 9.3 and higher
Note: Claro content has been tested for playback on most gaming consoles running latest updates (as of November 2015).  Tested consoles are XBOX 360/One, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita PSVITA, LG TV WebOS 3.  While course content plays well on most of these consoles the default player experience is not optimized.
Optimal playback experience:
  • Android 6+ Latest Chrome
  • iPhone 5+/iPad Air+ iOS 10.3 and higher

Note: The higher the OS version, the better the support for HTML5, specifically for audio and video. Some older devices will default to play audio/video as a link.

Note: Meeting the minimum versions above may result in degraded playback experiences on devices other than iOS.  Support of HTML5 (audio, video, SVG) is inferior on those older devices.

Please see this article for media playback support and expected behavior on different devices and mobile OSs.

Please see this article for supported operating systems and devices for our native apps.

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