Can I create a course for standard desktop online and mobile delivery?

Claro courses can be delivered online on a desktop browser, on a mobile touch tablet, or on a smartphone.

Claro auto-detects device issues and delivers the best solutions for media and display depending on the device used.

For a mobile device::

  • HTML5 is used for the media player
  • Video format is MP4
  • Audio format is MP3

The Dimensions you can select for a course are:

  • Standard (1010 wide × 600 high). This the default.
  • Smartphone (device width: commonly 320 wide x 480 high)

    Note: Custom sizing is available as of release and may require a custom theme to accommodate the size.

The Player Layouts you can select are:

  • Navigation bar at the top and bottom (ideal for desktop delivery)
  • Navigation bar at the top (recommended for mobile touch). This is the default.
  • No navigation bar

To change a course’s Player Layout, see Change course properties.

Smartphone courses

Smartphone mobile course dimensions are optimized for the mobile screen area. It is preferable to design courses specifically for this smaller smartphone delivery, but all of the media you use in one course may be easily re-used in the other course. You can even copy a page from a standard course to a smartphone course in order to quickly bring content in. You will likely want to edit elements for a better design and layout fitting the smaller screen area.

See Mobile course design Best Practices for more information.

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