Maintenance Release Notes

After a release, remember to clear your browser cache to ensure all aspects of Claro are properly updated.

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Maintenance for Autumn 2016 Release


BreakFix 3

59499: Passed courses are no longer being reported as Failed on the course endscreen.

59775: Clicking the Cancel button on the Set Review Mode popup will close the popup and not end any current review period.

59778: Course ID has been added to Reports.

60133: The Category filter can once again be successfully applied to the Course Copies report.

60297: The publishing profile option Launch in New Window has been divided into two options (On Desktop, and On Device).

60372: Triggering an xAPI statement will not create any delays in the course player.

60535: References to the top frame in SCORM courses would cause courses to not function in some LMSes (e.g., Captivate Prime LMS). This has been resolved.

60500: When changing the line spacing manually, it will no longer revert back to a custom theme line sizing.

60505: Courses that have been assigned to a Category that has since been disabled are no longer omitted from the Course Copy Report.

60850: Updated a string of text in our Arabic language for a more accurate translation.

 63831: User selections of test questions on iOS devices are once again being properly applied.

BreakFix 2

58214: Audio elements that are set to autoplay but belong to a group that is hidden on load will no longer play until the group is shown.

57984: Users will no longer receive an error message when attempting to view the list of existing published packages.

58083: For the Join Claro form, all user fields are validating as expected and no user can register without completing all required fields.

58082: For the Join Claro form, there is now a helpful tip for the username field to let users know that their username must contain at least eight characters.

57873: New alt text fields have been added to correct and incorrect question choices for use by screen readers during test review.

58528: Unicode character (line separator) no longer creates an error preventing the page from being viewed.

58532: Username validation message is now translatable. 

58670: The Course Copy Report can now be filtered by category.

58676: The password tips on the new user validation page are now displaying for Internet Explorer users.

58679: For clients with the Terms and Conditions disabled from the new user validation page, the Join Claro button is now enabled.

58850: You can once again invite reviewers to use Claro when you have reached you maximum seat allowance.

58469: A Course Copies Report will once again be generated when no filters are applied.

59022: Course's containing charts no longer fail to load.

58890: Replace HTML Widget feature is once again replacing files as intended.

59212: Corrected an issue that was preventing elements from being moved into other groups for copied courses.

58684: Corrected an issue that was causing multiple completion status updates for courses published as xAPI with an LRS target.

59334: An update has been made to a single string of text in the Italian (it-IT) language.

59084: Corrected an issue that was preventing Reviewer Assignment from displaying for users in the user list.

59335: An update has been made to a single string of text in the Dutch (nl) language.

59336: An update has been made to a single string of text in the Dutch (nl-BE) language.

59314: The HTML Widget Replace feature is once again functional.

59363: Corrected an issue that was causing an error on course relaunch for courses published as AICC.

58470: The word "Source" in the glossary term popup is once again translated automatically for translated courses.

57450: JAWS is once again able to read Screen Reader Text for Internet Explorer 11 users.

58978: All image map hotspots can once again be navigated using the Tab key.

59429: You can once again replace and filter files in the media library without error.

59680: Success and Completion statuses remain consistent for both course and Tin Can packages.

59824: Chrome version 60+ users can once again access the People Browser, copy courses and export documents.


BreakFix 1

57881: Text editors in Claro no longer display Course Styles to prevent the unreadable display of white text on a white background.

47837: When exporting a course for translation, the generated Excel file will no longer lock cells intended to be edited for translation. 

57746: The titles of non-text drag and drop items is now available for translation in the exported Excel file.

57864: Word wrap once again functioning for all text element.

57902: The End Review email is no longer appearing in the list of deleted email templates.

58071: Rotated outline shapes that are hidden on load will now maintain rotation for Internet Explorer 11 users.

58072: Flash files that are hidden on load no longer playing without trigger for Internet Explorer 10+ users.

57931: Pages containing page links can once again be duplicated without error.

59474: All versions of SCORM 2004 will no longer send a score to the LMS until the course is completed.

59469: HTML Widgets can once again be uploaded to the media library.


Maintenance for Summer 2016 Release


BreakFix 1

57700: When inviting new users, the email input field no longer disables after the eighth email address.

57702: When multiple users are invited at once, all users will now appear in the User List when filtering by the corresponding Role or Team.

57803: Publishing a course(s) twice without downloading the package will no longer return an error.

57827: Media Library once again can be opened without fail by Authors using Internet Explorer 11.

57389: Assigning a line-height value to text will no longer prevent publishing to a Word document.

57810: Adding an action to a group then selecting the group from the Layers panel no longer causes the group to be listed twice on the Actions panel. 

58176: The swap image action is once again resetting upon page refresh.



Maintenance for Winter 2016 Release


BreakFix 5

56417: Custom Submit buttons will once again enable the Next button when clicked.

56933: The Element Interaction panel for audio elements containing numerous interactions will no longer hide edit controls when attempting to edit an existing action.

53973: You can once again replace images in the Media Library without fail.

50768: When editing page transcript text, you can only undo text inputted for the page you are working on—Undo can no longer remove transcript text from previous pages.

56954: Shapes with fill color and gradients applied will no longer appear as solid black shapes.

51425: Save and Exit buttons are once again available on all applicable Properties panels.

56542: When a drag and drop question is submitted the draggable item will no longer shift out of position to accommodate the correct/incorrect icon.

52192: Large images which are resized for document output will have any associated image labels moved to maintain original position on the image.

55198: When Hide Pages From Menu is enabled and a learner selects a learning object from the menu, the course will jump to the last viewed page in the learning object or the first page if all pages have already been viewed.

57066: Corrected an issue that was causing imported test questions to be added to a new module and learning object instead of the selected module and learning object for Internet Explorer users.

57069: Text change in course details: Course Authors and Assigned Reviewers (when viewed from Reviewer Portal) are now both referred to as: Assigned Users.

57225: Corrected an issue which was preventing elements with numbers in their titles from applying swap content actions.

35377: You may now invite as many users as you like to Claro without the email address input field disabling.

56035: From the list of users, List Pending Invites is once again returning the appropriate results when filtered by Teams.

57163: Previously viewed videos will reset to the beginning when the pages are reviewed.

54381: Locked course once again disable all modules and learning objects to prevent editing.

53924: Clicking Set Review for courses currently in review will no longer extend the existing review period by one day.

56207: All Shapes can now be used as drag items and drop targets for drag and drop questions.

56489: Adding a space in front of a correct answer for multiple pulldown questions will no longer prevent a learner from getting the question right.

53268: Updates to a widget name is now reflected in the list of widgets in the Media Library.

57198: Shapes once again rendering as intended when the drop shadow effect is applied.

57194: Translated courses viewed in document mode no longer display question instructions in master course's language.

56762: Users who have newly been assigned to a course are now immediately available to be assigned as reviewers to the same course.

57239: Lightbox text now accessible by screen readers.

57324: Inputting special characters into the Resolution field of a reviewer note will no longer cause an error.

57417: PENS Logs restricted to site administrators.

57396: xAPI statement now includes appropriate activity-type for hotspots.

57403: When sending an Activity ID as part of an xAPI statement you may be required to use a valid URL. A warning message has been added.

57421: Completion/Pass Statement is no longer sending a duplicate.


BreakFix 4

57193: Adding custom line-spacing settings will no longer prevent a course from being published as a document.

56999: Marker Tooltips once again responding appropriately to changing screen sizes.

57157: Greek language updated to provide a more accurate translation for, "Take Test".

49086: Text line-spacing set in authoring now reflected in the course's published document.

56432: Courses with long descriptions will no longer hide the "Review" button in the Reviewer Portal.

57144: The Hidden On Load icon is once again visible on the authoring stage for elements set to be hidden.

57063: If a user completing the Test Question Import Spreadsheet sets the Maximum Selection for a test question to a number greater than the number of choices available, the system will automatically change that value to the total number of choices for the question.

57102: Module test scores once again rounding decimals to the nearest tenths.

52807: Question Feedback Editor will now open with a single button click.

57095: The Course Browser will now display the courses from newest to oldest.

49904: The Media Library's upload list will now display the most recent uploads first.

56570: PENS log will now display the list with the most recent item first.

57017: Adding a course style to a subsection of text no longer creates a space after the styles text.

55660: Animated markers no longer interferes with the display of the tooltip.

57099: Image labels once again deleting without issue.

57004: Animated spinning markers no longer cause the tooltip to spin with the animation.

56909: Attempting to edit image labels before the editor has fully opened will no longer result in the repositioning of labels.

57103: Videos that are hidden on load and set to autoplay when shown will not autoplay while being hidden.

56646: Manage Template Categories button has been added to the Template Library.

56588: Portuguese language updated to provide a more accurate translation for, "Submit".


56005: Firefox users who create image labels outside the image bounding box will no longer experience a visible outline on the bounding box or a skewed rotation handle.

BreakFix 3

56433: Selecting the publishing profile option to Force Pre-Test will take the learner directly to the test even when using the course menu to navigate the course.

56754: Value and Condition fields in the Element Interaction properties no longer inheriting course styles and instead maintain the use of system fonts.

BreakFix 2

56589: Button and Marker previews in the element properties panel no longer allow lengthy labels to spill outside the preview boundaries.

56831: Courses set to open in a new window and resize on load are once again resizing as expected.

53847: Company and Course filters once again functional for Internet Explorer users.

56772: Publishing Profile option, "Follow Learning Object Order", no longer available when creating new profiles for sites that have the option disabled.

56701: A warning message has been added to indicate that a course cannot be deleted while open for authoring.

56101: Corrected an issue with certain special characters that was preventing page refreshes.

55878: When publishing a previously-published course, the instructions for downloading the previous version have been updated to direct the user to the "Packages" section.

56594: When viewing a glossary term on a mobile device, the definition will now appear at the top of the menu.

56505: Updates made to some of the Dutch language text in the course player.

BreakFix 1

56688: Clicking on elements in a course preview no longer displays focus lines around the clicked elements.

56696: Editing a text element multiple times no longer creates an error preventing further edits.

56705: The Browse Courses modal closes when a course is selected and opened.

55655: Text no longer auto re-sizing when opened for editing for courses imported from PowerPoint.

56565: Image hotspots no longer offer image labels as possible targets of actions.

53847: Company and Course filters once again functional for Internet Explorer users.

55955: Setting the Maximum Selection to a number greater than the number of correct options no longer causes an error for courses published to SCORM.

56431: Greek translation update for the phrase, "Take Test".

56558: Italian translation update for the Next button on question pages.



Maintenance for Autumn 2015 Release 

BreakFix 4

56413: Support button no longer intermittently blocking user interface for some Internet Explorer users. 

56057: The link to "A Guide to Reviewing Courses in Claro" that is included in the reviewer assignment email is once again functional.

52823: The Play Media action is once again functioning on iOS devices.

56330: Review comment panels will now automatically close when the reviewer reaches a course or module endscreen.

56477: To prevent error, Drag and Drop Settings have been disabled on the Interaction tab for Question pages. Note: Drag and Drop is still an available question type.

55532: Adding a new Shape will now open the Shape Setting context tab by default.

56325: Added arrows to the Review Tools to indicated that the tool panel is moveable.

56326: Added a close button to the corner of all Review Tools comment panels.

56268: Send Notification? checkbox added to reviewer note resolution so that the user may only send notification for the resolutions of his or her choosing.


BreakFix 3

55854: Test questions no longer visible in the course menu.

Media Library no longer gives an error for uploads larger than 10 MB. You can once again upload files to a maximum of 100 MB.

Setting Image Label font size to an em measure will no longer prevent a course from publishing as a document.

The Exit Behavior section of the Publishing Profile Editor once again displays the default settings.

The My Courses filter notification has been updated to remove mention of assigned courses.

Reviewers are once again receiving appropriate email text when assigned to a course.

Draw lines no longer get cut off when resized quickly.

56006In addition to the small, medium and large sizes available in the Digital Asset Manager, original size is also available.


BreakFix 2

55542: Image labels no longer vertically cropping the bottom of some labels in courses published as a document.

55682: Pages with Image Labels that have background color set to None no longer cause an error when attempting to perform a page or course preview.

55574: Corrected an issue affecting courses using certain custom themes which was preventing the load of full course preview and published courses.

55652: Half circle added to available Shapes.

55741: The Claro Draw tool has been reinstated, and the Arrow and Double Arrow from Shapes have been moved to the Draw tool.

55715: Outlines and the Arrow Lines have been removed from Shapes. These items can be found in the Draw tool.

55177: Deactivate Reviewers no longer being sent notifications for assigned courses.

55244: Emoji labels no longer overlap the images in the Library.

55777: Shape colors will now update as needed when course theme is changed.


BreakFix 1

38469 : When Claro must open in a new window due to small screen size, it will now do so in full screen.

55347: Actions using "When Variable is..." as a trigger are once again firing as expected for boolean variables.

55059: Custom Module Scores are now being respected when "Require Pass Mark For Modules" option is selected in the Publishing Profile settings.

53422: Modules and Learning Objects with long titles now truncate for courses with bottom bar navigation so to prevent navigation from disabling.

53177: Null strings in element properties no longer cause an error that prevents the page from opening.

39136: It is once again possible to Replace an image in the Media Library using the FireFox browser.

55304: Improved display of text pop-up for citations and glossary terms on image labels of images that have been rotated.

55191: Reviewer comments can now be edited more than once.

55541: Variables that use a string as the condition no longer deliver an error.

55511: Changes to the font of a text element are now being properly displayed on the authoring stage.

55252: Settings can now be edited for dashed-outline rectangle Shape.

55371: Exit button once again functioning for courses published to SCORM.

55344: Clicking Get Support and Contact in Claro no longer gives an error.

50795: Navigation buttons are now properly displayed for right-to-left languages using themes created from the Theme Designer.

53706: Text justification for right-to-left languages has been corrected to Right justification.

55463: The variable used to get a student's ID is now retrieving the correct values.

Maintenance for Summer 2015


BreakFix 3

53425: Video and Audio elements are now functioning in Lightbox.

53208: Hiding pages from the course menu no longer allows learners to skip pages.

51014: Practice question page titles are once again translating as intended when a new translation is imported.

52269: Find and Replace Search no longer experiences a time out error for larger courses.

51733: Upload, Import Zip, and Check Email buttons are all enabled in the Course Assets of the Media Library unless the selected course is Locked.

52385: Larger course can now be duplicated without fail.

53424: Content Aware Preview console is now updated when a Group of elements from the Layers panel is deleted.

52700: Full course preview from current page shortcut (Control + 1) and full course preview from first page shortcut (Control + Shift + 1) once again functional.

52383: Scrolling up or down on longer pages using a device no longer triggers Next and Previous page actions.

52042: Swiping in from the outer edge (left or right) of a device is no longer triggering page or course refresh.

52541: You can once again move from text element to text element making edits without error when using FireFox.

53636: Courses locked via Life Cycle will no longer allow Learning Objects to be checked out.

51938: You can once again include an answer key in a course published as a document.

Note: This article will track all maintenance updates beginning with Summer 2015 BreakFix 3. Previous updates have already been communicated. 

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