How do I group elements on the Layers panel?

When you add an element to a page, it is automatically assigned to an untitled Group if no other Group is selected. You can give the Group a title by selecting it and entering a name into the Title field on the control bar above the stage.

You can also assign your group a color at this time—a temporary color will be applied at the time of creation. Coloring groups not only make for quicker identification, but it also helps you draw correlation between related groups (ex: dark blue group for elements that trigger action A, and a light blue group for the targets of action A).

To add an element to an existing Group:

  1. Select the existing Group from the Layers panel.
  2. Insert the element of your choice. The new element will be place in the selected Group.

To move an element from one Group to another existing Group:

  1. Select the element you want to move. 
  2. Drag the element to another existing Group on the Layers panel.

To move elements from existing Groups to a new Group:

  1. Select elements from one or more Groups—use SHIFT to select multiple elements.
  2. Select the New Group button from the Layers options. A new untitled Group will be added to the Layers panel and all the elements will be moved to that Group.
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