How do I make an element focusable for keyboard navigation? How do I turn off focus?

Focus is On by default for all elements allowing learners to navigate to the elements via keyboard tabbing without having to use a mouse. Tab order is determined by the bottom-to-top layer order of elements in the layers panel. If the learner is using a screen reader, any Alt Text or Screen Reader Text assigned to the elements will be read to the learner. The Accessibility feature gives authors full control over keyboard tabbing by allowing them to turn off focus for non-essential elements that may be considered a distraction or nuisance to some learners. 

To turn on / off Focus for an element:

  1. Select the element for which you want to set the Focus.
  2. From the Control bar located immediately above the authoring stage, select the Accessibility icon.
  3. The Accessibility modal will open. Focusable is selected by default. To turn off Focus de-select the checkbox.
  4. Select Done.
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