Can learners search a course for specific content?

Yes, provided that Enable Course Search is selected in your publishing profile—all newly created profiles will have this content option selected by default. Learners can select the Search icon from course menu, enter a search term, preview matches and navigate to their location within the course.

You can also add an action to any element in your course that will open a Search panel when triggered.
Tip: Be sure to give your media assets meaningful titles, alt text, description and tags so that there is relevant text to search against. 

Tip: If you do not want your learners to receive results from pages they have yet to view, select Enable Course Search Sequential Filter from the content options of your publishing profile. 
See our Knowledge Base article How do I add an Action for Player Controls? to learn how.
Note: This action is not supported for Internet Explorer 8 and earlier.
Note: Currently only supported for English language courses.
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