What are Templates?

Rapid Authoring

A Template is a pre-designed page you can use to quickly add content to your course. With Templates, the design process is taken care of for you so all you need to do is enter your information into the form and click, "Done". The Template will even adapt its use of colors and fonts to match your course's Theme.

Easy Editing

Once you've created your new page from a template, you can always return to the Forms View editing panel by selecting the Template button then selecting Edit Template. You can also edit content directly on the stage, like any Claro page. Remember, you might have to unlock some layers to be able to make changes. 
You can also add more elements to your page so Templates are a great way to make an interactive page in a hurry plus they can be customized to better suit your needs for a specific page.

Create Your Own

What’s also great is that you aren’t limited to just the System Templates that we provide in Claro – you can create your own Templates as well.
You do this by creating a Template Library and then adding Template Pages to the Library. A Template Library is a repository where you create, edit and maintain templates and then make them available for use in your Claro site. A Template isn’t made available until you publish it. 
If you have a certain page that you tend to re-use course after course, consider adding it to your own Template Library for quick and easy access.

Don't Worry: Any edits to an existing Template will not result in changes to course pages already created from that Template. Templates and the course pages created from them are completely separate entities—changes to one have zero impact on the other.

Permissions and Access to Custom Template Libraries

Like courses, Template Libraries are tied to Claro’s roles to determine access permissions. 
  • Administrators can make new Template Libraries and open and edit any other Template Libraries that have been made.
  • Authors can make new Template Libraries, and can use published Templates from any Library when authoring courses. Authors can only open and edit Template Libraries that they didn’t create if they’ve been assigned to them. The assign process is the same for course authoring.

What's the difference between System, Global and Project Template Libraries?

Claro comes standard with a variety of pre-built templates for you to use. These are part of the System Template Library and are available to all Claro users.
You can also create your own custom Template Libraries. Like Glossary terms, your template library can be created to be available Globally or by Project. Templates published from Global template libraries are accessible from any course and available to all your users. Projects are a way to group together related courses in Claro. If you assign a template library to a Project, templates published from it are only available when an author is working in a course that is part of the project.
Note: Project is only available to Enterprise and Workgroup customers.

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