How do I edit User Types?

Enterprise Administrators have the capability to create as many different User Types as needed and assign any number of them to their Authors. User Types provide another layer of filtering to help you narrow your list of users to just the Authors assigned to a specific User Type—whether they be Project Managers, Translators, or some other type unique to your organization, they're all quicker and easier to locate with User Types.

To edit a User Type:

  1. From the Application Menu, select Organization.
  2. Under the Users section, select User Types. This will open the User Manager.
  3. Locate the User Type you wish to edit. You can do this by scrolling through the list, or enter the User Type label into the Search field and select the Search icon. Use the User Type and Status arrows to arrange your results.
  4. Once you've located the User Type you wish to edit, select its label to open for editing. Now you may edit the label.
  5. Select the ✓ icon to save your edits, or the x to cancel.
  6. Selecting the current status allows you to choose between Active or Inactive.
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